Why The Fiat 500 Is Such A Popular Car

The Fiat 500 sets itself apart from its competition in many ways. Design, style, handling and space are all engineered with the utmost in quality in mind. Not only does it have a sporty look, it’s fun to drive and navigates narrow city streets amazingly well. A used Fiat 500 is just as popular, and sometimes more so, because of the lower cost. When it comes to second hand cars, the Fiat 500 is the top of the line. It provides great value and a smooth, comfortable ride.


The compact design, rounded corners and cheeky curves give way to exquisite detailing, such as chrome door handles. There are also bright, bold Fiat logo detailing in the front and rear of the Fiat 500. The overall design makes this one of the most popular second hand cars at dealerships everywhere.


The Fiat 500 comes with three engine options: 1.2 liter, 1.4 liter petrol and 1.3 liter diesel. Don’t let the small engine sizes fool you. It is remarkably smooth and handles well in the city and on the highway. You’ll get an amazing 67.3 miles to the gallon; you won’t have to stop at the petrol station very often to fill up! This feature alone makes a used Fiat 500 a great value.


The Fiat 500 boasts a large circular speedometer and rev counter, with sporty red needles; the dashboard trim provides the perfect contrast with the bright splash of coloured metal that is stretched across the fascia. The chunky gear knob and large buttons for the ventilation and radio make the interior functional but good looking. You’ll find used Fiat 500 vehicles have very similar designs and interiors to the newer models.


The Fiat 500 comes with three trim options – Pop, Sport and Lounge. The Pop model comes equipped with an MP3 compatible system and a trip computer. The Lounge model is a fully loaded Fiat 500 with 15″ alloy wheels, glass roof and air conditioning. There are also various sticker packages you can purchase, including striped and checkered roofs.

When you purchase a used Fiat 500, you can have all of these options, without paying the full price that the original owner paid for them.

The bottom line? The Fiat 500 is easy to drive and easy to handle! If you’re in the market for second hand cars, a used Fiat 500 should be on the top of your list.

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