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The LCV Buyer’s Instant Expert Guide – What LCVs Are for and Why You Need One

A light commercial vehicle (LCV) is a commercial carrier vehicle with a Gross vehicle weight (GVW) of up to 3.5 tonnes. Vehicles which are typically classed as LCVs are things like vans and pick up trucks – not too big, but not too small.

LCVs have a very practical design as they are built to carry a large amount of goods, over a long distance on a mix of both motorways and built-up, urban areas. With this in mind LCV manufacturers attempt to make their vehicles fuel efficient for combined driving (both urban and country driving).

A good LCV combines a sturdy, high quality outer shell with a powerful engine that will allow you to quickly and easily transport your goods across the country. The epitome of this would be the Ford Transit which use to be used as a getaway car for criminals as it was so fast but still managed to carry plenty of goods. Since there has been a greater emphasis on the environment in the last few years and a large increase in the price of diesel and petrol, many manufactures are attempting to make their LCVs as fuel efficient as possible.

However Ford is not the only good LCV manufacturer, DAF, Volkswagen, Iveco and Mercedes also make excellent vehicles that can help small businesses transport their goods. With this in mind make sure you have a look at the individual spec of the model before you make any purchasing decisions. Most importantly make sure the vehicle fits the requirements you have for space and weight before worrying about all of the extra features that you can have.

Whether you are looking for a pick up truck or a van, a brand new vehicle or a used LCV you will be able to find plenty of them online. They may appear in the form of an advertisement posted by local dealership, or an online truck auction or seller website.

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