ATV Etiquette

When hopping on your ATV, it’s important to have respect for the trails and lands on which you ride. As in most areas of life, a few bad apples can affect the reputation of recreational ATV riders. There have been stories in the press about 4-wheelers tearing up the trails with poor riding etiquette, littering, and a general disregard for the land and environment. This makes it harder for all the respectful riders to be welcomed in utilizing trails.

The first and most important rule of riding is to get permission of you are going to ride on private property. And when you do have permission from land owners, use safe and proper driving techniques, clean up after yourself, and try to repair any damage you might do to the land or property (or at least let the owner know there is possible damage).

When riding your ATV, it’s important to know the terrain, and avoid areas like streams, soft grassy areas, and steep hills with a soft track. Also take care when riding on dirt roads-it’s never appropriate to dig up land, trails, or roads. Always try to keep the trails in good condition for the next rider. Of course, in conjunction with etiquette-always use proper safety techniques, that should keep you in line as far as proper etiquette.

Be respectful of the plant and animal life surrounding riding trails also. If there are any areas roped off, comply with the wishes of the landowner and stay away-there are plenty of great trails to ride, and by respecting the rules off the road, we will continue to have ample areas to ride. By using simple common sense and safe riding techniques, riders should see trails in good condition, and perhaps even more trails opening in the future.

See you off the road.

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