The Skyrocketing Gas Prices

People who grew up in the 1970s can remember a time when gas cost $0.36 per gallon. Times have change drastically since then. Everything is more expensive and includes the cost of gas. The average gas price in America is $3.81 per gallon. That is pretty bad, but experts are predicting that it will only get worst. Some are predicting that gas can reach the $5.00 mark by the summer of 2012.

Unless a person is rich, he is most likely feeling the crunch of these ever-climbing prices. Studies have shown that nearly 84 percent of Americas are altering their driving practices due to the price of gas. I recently heard one of my friends jokingly say that she would have to get a second job just so that she could get back and forth to her real job.

Many people are making drastic adjustments in their lifestyle. Some are moving closer to their work while others are beginning to use public transportation more frequently. A small percentage of people are getting rid of their cars altogether. Public transportation is a cheaper alternative to driving, but it is inconvenient and inaccessible in many areas in the country. That is why many people are forced to grit their teeth and deal with the climbing rates.

These rising prices of gas are no joke. The economy is steadily improving, but many people are still without jobs. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck and already on a tight budget. Putting $50.00 of gas into your car every week hurts when your check is only $200.00.

The question is why is the price of gas so high? Many Americans want to put the blame solely on Obama. Even though the president may be partly to blame, it is not fair to put the entire blame on him because the fact of the matter is that they prices of gas were high way before he got into office. More countries are demanding oil from Iran. If the demand is higher than the supply, the price will go up naturally. Additionally, the cost of everything else is increasing and that partly explains why prices of this commodity are also increasing.

One-dollar gas is a thing of the past, but it sure was good while it lasted. We probably will not see the gas prices drop below $3.00 anytime soon. Again, the price will probably reach $5.00 before we see it drop.

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