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Yes, You Can Buy a Used Car With Confidence

CarMax dealerships use AutoCheck history reports as a large part of their effort to provide reliable vehicles to their customers. The reports are checked on each vehicle before CarMax makes an initial purchase. Once the car is part of the CarMax inventory, the AutoCheck report is available for CarMax customers to use as they decide which car they want to purchase. AutoCheck allows CarMax dealerships to maintain the sense of transparency that is so important to their business model.

Online Auto History Reports

Customers can take advantage of the AutoCheck information before they ever set foot on a CarMax dealership lot. The CarMax website offers a brief AutoCheck overview for every car that they have in inventory at any particular car lot. The customer can go online and browse through each lot’s inventory without leaving the house. With the AutoCheck history available, customers can compare vehicle histories side by side as they narrow down their selections. When it is time to visit the dealership, a customer can bring a printout of each of the vehicles that they were most interested in. This cuts down on the time that they spend shopping through cars on the actual lot without cutting down on the amount of information the customer has for each vehicle.

Detailed Reports From the Dealership

At the CarMax retail location, they’ve even chosen the most consumer-friendly vehicle history report by using AutoCheck. This report contains a more exhaustive list of the car’s previous accidents and maintenance history, yet is much easier to read than other reports. If there is something in the report that makes the customer uncomfortable, the salesperson is available to help the customer find a similar car with a better AutoCheck history. CarMax dealerships are anxious to keep their customers completely satisfied with each car purchase. Many of the CarMax vehicles still carry their original manufacturer’s warranty. For the cars that are not under warranty any longer, CarMax dealerships team up with third party vendors to provide extended service plans that can save a customer money on any potential repairs or maintenance.

Visual Display at Dealerships

Many CarMax locations display a visual representation of their high quality standards. The dealerships show two cars side by side in their showroom. One of the cars has been demolished in a serious collision. The car beside it is the same car after a traditional dealership has cleaned it up and repaired it for resale. CarMax points out the physical flaws in the repaired car and explains why it would be dangerous to sell a car in that condition. Then CarMax states that they will never sell a car that has been reconditioned in that way after a serious accident. The AutoCheck process is the dealership’s main tool in providing clean, good quality vehicles for their customers.

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