Car Detailing Customization

Adding a Custom Look To Your New Car

So you’ve just bought your new car and something doesn’t quite seem right. Everything is there and in good working condition. But you’re a person that wants to add a little something extra to your ride. You’re a person that likes color and flare. Not to worry. There are plenty of products out there to fit all of your ‘pimped out’ and customization needs. Adding a custom look and feel to your car is not difficult, but there are some questions that must first be answered.

The first place to start is with some hot lens covers for your lights. The first thing to decide is what kind of statement you want to make. Are you the kind of person who just wants a slight tint or something flashier?

If you’re just looking for something understated then adding something subtle like a smoky tint will do the trick. All this color does is bring the light down a little so it’s not quite so blinding on the road. Then again, you may want to make the glow of the taillight really pop by adding another layer of glossy red. But, if you want to really make a statement, then a brighter color is something to consider. A yellow or an optic blue tint will really add some serious flash to your otherwise dull lighting system. Also, these colors go great with a car of the same color. Did you just buy something that’s canary yellow? Then some yellow tints will go great and create a consistent look to your car.

In addition to these covers adding flare to your ride, they’re also protective. If you’ve gone to enough trouble to match your lights with your car color, then the last thing you want is hazy, cloudy, underperforming lights. The best light covers are made from vinyl that provides a durable and rugged shield that keeps all of the hazards of the road from chipping or cracking your head and taillights.

Not only can you use head and taillight covers to ‘pimp out your ride’ but the right ones are also protective. The best ones are pre-cut to fit the make, model and year of your specific vehicle and come with a guarantee. Generally inexpensive and easy to apply to your ride, head and taillight covers are a no-brainer. Plus, if you’re looking for that little something extra to make your car really ‘pop’ when you’re riding down the road then get the covers that add enough tint to make a statement.

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