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From 1969 to Present: A Multinational Air Filter Company

K&N Engineering

K&N Engineering began all the way back in 1969, launched by Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald. They invented and develop reusable cotton gauze as a high performance solution for vehicle applications. K&N began in Riverside, California, but now have offices around the world, including the UK, and Netherlands in Europe.

K&N now stock over 3500 products in a hugely developed range that has moved from the original simple paper filter replacement to the recent long-life cotton gauze technology. K&N have spearheaded this revolutionary move and have been followed by most other aftermarket air intake manufacturers.

K&N are focussed on delivering not only more power for your vehicle, but also money savings, reduced environmental waste and better fuel economy. Their morals and philosophy have developed with the company, and now they focus heavily on consumer education and knowledge which ties in beautifully with their innovative, quality and value products.


The K&N air filter is made of cotton gauze which is sandwiched between aluminum wire mesh. The filters life can be supported by periodically washing and recoating with oil. This is a very occasional maintenance requirement – with normal driving you can achieve 50,000 to 100,000 miles between cleanings. K&N Filters come with a one million mile warranty!

K&N suggests this construction allows more air to flow while dirt and dust will stick to the oil, making them much more efficient than paper filters. This allows more oxygen to get into the engine, allowing more fuel to be processed into the mix – which ultimately results in more power. K&N suggest its air filters are more environmentally friendly than ordinary filters, as they never need to be replaced and seldom end up in landfills. In today’s environmentally aware society this gives much more credence for the reason to upgrade to an aftermarket filter. Especially if yours requires replacement anyway.

K&N have developed other products including fuel injection performance kits, cold air intake systems and oil filters. A summary of the range follows:

K&N Air Filter, Air Intake & Oil Filter Products

Stock Replacement Air Filters

• Increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration

• Lifetime air filter with K&N Million Mile Warranty

• Very easy to fit

K&N High Performance Air Intake Kits

• Guaranteed horsepower

• K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty

• Replaces entire stock factory intake system

• Easy to install

Universal, Custom and Racing Filters

• 1,000 sizes/shapes

• One year limited warranty

• K&N high flow cotton media provides performance and protection

• Washable and reusable

K&N has sold more than an incredible 30 million washable/reusable performance high-flow air filters since 1969. Why don’t you add one to your car and realise all the benefits described above!

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