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Professional 3M Paint Protection Installation or Do It Yourself?

Understanding the nature of the product will help you determine whether you are experienced enough to give it a try on your own. Either way, you will have to consider both advantages and some shortcomings.

The 3M paint protection film is a urethane, transparent product that is designed to keep the car paint safe from harmful influences and impacts. Paint is most often affected by road debris, gravel, sand, small rocks, bug stains and other kinds of dirt and stains that can be accumulated on the road.

The price of having the paint protection film installed professionally depends on several factors. The first one is the traditional rate of the professional certified installer. Which car parts are you going to cover with the film? This is the second factor that will affect the cost of installation.

Most car owners decide to add the film solely to the parts that are exposed to high risk. These are usually located in the front and they are most susceptible. The front of the hood, the headlights, the side mirrors and the bumpers are some car parts that are traditionally covered with clear bra – the other name for the transparent paint protection film.

Some of the best clear bra products on the market are designed by 3M. The company’s product is called Scotchgard Paint Protection Film. According to the official 3M website, the do it yourself installation of the layer is unadvisable.

It really depends on the experience you have with car coating but many people will be incapable of applying film professionally over curved car parts or the ones that are hardly accessible. Certified installers are aware of the special techniques that will make the film stick perfectly to the car.

In addition, relying on professional services will provide you with an official guarantee. The film that is installed by a 3M certified professional will come with a three year guarantee.

The warranty is also applying in the case of ant defects that the film gives. This kind of warranty extends for a five year period and it covers the yellowing, cracking or bubbling of the paint protection film. Naturally, you will not receive a replacement if problems have been caused by wrong application, misuse or an accident.

Although you will save some money by relying on your own skills, this kind of decision could be tricky. The majority of people have never tried adding clear bra to the surface of their car and the product is far from something that you can experiment with. At the same time, the process is relatively simple and people who feel confident in their skills should give it a try. The only disadvantage in this situation is that the three year warranty will not be provided.

Many online stores offer paint protection kits that are designed especially for home usage. The kits will let you customize the film pieces and make them suitable for your car’s size and shape. Once again, it will be smart to refrain from buying the kit unless you are certain that you can work with it properly.

The 3M paint protection film is a wonderful product that protects your car’s appearance and paint from common road particles that may cause harm. The product is easy to use and easy to remove, without affecting the quality of the paint. If you are looking forward to benefiting from its full advantages, you should rely on the services of a professional and certified installer. It may be a bit more expensive than a DIY project but it does come with additional advantages and a warranty.

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