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How to Setup Steering Wheel Control?

Most of the cars have steering wheel control for their original CD Radio player in the market, the question is how to setup the steering wheel control after we replace the car DVD player to the car? Different cars will be a little difference, and different car DVD player from different supplier will be a little difference, but we can find the same method as normal, they have the same or similar setting method as our experience, so just show the sample as reference:

1. After installing the car DVD player to the car, turn on the car DVD GPS and go to the steering wheel control setting menu, it is in the function “Setting” as normal. After you see the steering wheel control setting menu, you need to do two things at the same time: One is press the buttons in your cars and hold, for example the “Vol-” button, check the photos below:

2. At the same time, press the icon in the setting menu with the same function and hold, till the color of the icon turns to red.

3. When you see the color of the icon of the setting menu is red or some word say “setting ok”, you can release the icon and buttons in the cars, and use the same method to setting another buttons and icons. One by one, till all of the buttons and icon are settled ok, so you can press “store” or “ok” and close the setting menu. Everything is OK now.

4. Some of the car DVD GPS need to turn off the unit and power on again, and some of them can be working directly, just have a try to control the volume or other functions by the steering wheel control in the car, if everything works good, it means you had done a good job!

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