Things to Be Weary of With Mechanics

Taking your car in to get worked on at a Utah auto repair shop can be intimidating. There always seems to be the chance that you might have stumbled across an incompetent Utah auto repair technician who does not know what he is doing in regards to your vehicle. Here are some warning signs that you have chosen a bad Utah auto repair technician.

Be careful if the pricing does not match the rest of the Utah auto repair shops in your area. You do not want to go with someone whose pricing is a lot different than other mechanics in the area. If he is too expensive or too cheap, that is a sign that they are not really charging you the appropriate amount for their car work.

Don’t trust that they NEED to keep your car there overnight. Unless you towed the car, the odds are if you were able to drive the car in to their shop you will be able to make it home in the same car. If they try to pull this on you, remind them of that.

They won’t give you any details about the work they are doing. Ask for a detailed estimate of what it will cost you, and have them sign it before you leave. If they will not give you a specific price on the spot, they are most likely trying to charge you top price because they do not think you will take the time to check.

They do not take you seriously because you are a woman. I cannot tell you how awful I have been treated sometimes when I have brought my car in to some Utah auto repair shops. I have since found a reputable and trained mechanic that realizes that I do know the basic knowledge of my car.

He does not have any customers when you go there. There will always be some slower days, but if he does not ever have a full shop that should warn you that he is not keeping his customers happy. You can talk around to friends to see if they have any Utah auto repair mechanics to recommend.

They tell you that auto parts are interchangeable. If a mechanic tells you that you can use a Honda accord part with a Honda civic, run away. This is a definite red flag to stay away from them.

These are only a few warning signs. Do you have any thoughts about what warnings signs to watch out for with bad mechanics. Please feel free to leave comments below. We would love to hear some.

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