Campers Are More Versatile Than Motor Homes

Choosing a camper may be better than buying a motor home. A camper has lots of space and equipment which can be attached. The camper can also be towed in back of a truck if you wish. Many trucks and trailers use fifth wheel coupling to link the trailer. Typically, campers are mounted on top of the truck. This camper shell (topper or cap) is large and made of fiberglass, soft canvas, or aluminum. It covers the entire truck bed and often overlaps the cab. They can be mounted on a van, pickup truck, or trailer and can be used for sleeping, camping, travel or recreation.

An RV is a motor home or camper used for traveling and recreational activities. RV tie downs are used to secure the trailer to a truck. They come in many styles and can be bought at camping stores or online at web sites like rvstuffusa.com, which has good reviews. Campers are much less expensive and more versatile than travel trailers and motor homes. For instance, you can drop the camper off and use the truck to go shopping or boating. Plus trucks get better mileage, have 4-wheel drive, a warranty, and are easier to service and repair. 

Pop up campers (also called tent or folding) are easier to move, cheaper to buy, and fold for easy storage. Though they are cumbersome to set up, they have great options for features like heaters and air conditioning, cable hook-up, additional rooms, sinks and ovens, TV hookups, and more. These are great for beginners and those with limited funds. 

Finding a camper to fit your needs is very easy.  However be sure to invest in a quality product with a good warranty. Sometimes a camper might need accessories and hook ups so be sure to research those items before shopping. Good manufacturers include Jayco, which has been making a full line of quality RV’s, 5th wheels, trailers, and motor homes since 1968. Northern Lite makes high quality fiberglass types. Lance is also very popular, owning 40% share of the market today. They’ve also won the Recreation Vehicle Dealer’s DSI (Dealer Satisfaction Index) Quality Circle Award for eight years in a row. Another good brand is “Three Way Campers” in Georgia, which sells a multitude of all types.

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