Recreational Vehicles Or RVs

Recreational vehicles or RV as they are commonly called are the large type vehicles equipped amenities need for modern living. RVs have been a part of North American culture since the turn of the 20th century and have over the years evolved to meet the needs of modern living. In fact these come with various amenities like bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathrooms as standard to customized versions like satellite television and internet.

There are various types of RVs available in the market as per the needs of the customers; and these are categorized into various classes:

The Class A motor home is a RV which is constructed on a commercial truck or bus chassis and first came out in the late 1980’s which completely changed the RV market as it gave more space and room for the ones on the road! It also has slide-outs which give more of as homely feeling if one looks at it as extended windows. Another version available in this class of RVs is the Bus Conversion which comes in fitted with the luxury fittings and a bit bigger on size.

Another class of RVs are the Class B camper van which are built primarily on the van platform with a raised roof being added on the back. Made on the vehicles like Ford Trader and Toyota Hiace, these versions are more popular in Australia though they are a bit smaller in size. Other customized versions available in this category have also been made in vehicles like Ford Transit, Ford Ducato to name a few.

The Class C motor home is again built on truck which has an attachment which usually is a van based vehicle. The popular vehicle on which this category of RV is built in is the Ford E450 and cabs. These are more popular in European countries with being more distinctive for their cab-over profile as the extended vehicle gives various options as it has a bed and other amenities

Apart from these there are various other variants of RV available in the market like the pickup truck or the pop up camper etc which are both light weight and easy to maneuver to the extent that some of them can be towed even by motorbikes! The RV market has evolved itself to provide various options depending upon the lifestyle of the owner. You have RVs for weekend getaways to RVs which are favored by hunters. There are RVs available even for business travelers which in fact gives the traveler more or less control of their living outside the confines of their home in a different city!

However if one cannot afford to buy these, there are many RVs available for rent as well thereby giving the flexibility of not worrying about maintenance and overhead expenses. So whatever be your need, the RV of course has customized itself so much so that it won’t be wrong to say that the RV lifestyle is more or less is an extension of one’s personality. Happy camping!

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