RV – Recreational Vehicle

RV or Recreational Vehicle is a type of vehicle which is loaded with all the amenities found in a home. It is also commonly called Motor Homes in United States and caravan or camper van in other countries and the amenities include living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bed room. Though the ones available in North America are comparatively bigger than its other counter parts it sure depicts a lifestyle of adventure and leisure.

In North America, RV is usually associated with family getaways and vacations and hence the name Recreation Vehicles, however the vehicle also is synonymous with full time living as well. On short visits to other cities it gives a good alternative to staying in hotels as many times tourists and travelers do rent RVs since it gives them the flexibility of living without any restrictions.

In fact in North America one can find these in trailer parks which act as colonies for them. These come with all facilities required in a full-fledged neighborhood like water, electricity etc. In fact these trailer parks create a kind of neighborhood living with no walls attached.

The RVs have always been pictured as an American way of free living. In families RVs has more or less been a medium of family bonding or get always during the weekend. The RV in fact gives kind of freedom to the user and brings in modern house hold living like plumbing cooking etc into areas where they are hard to come by. It also act as a home away from home where one can have facilities which one can find in the confines of their own homes like sleeping in a comfortable bed, cooking whatever food they need or simply traveling between the cities.

They even act as mobile offices for business travelers with all the comforts thrown in like extra desk space or power backup with satellite television and internet. Though these facilities are also available for home versions as well thereby it has something for everyone!

RVs over the years have become more like a lifestyle statements wherein it gives one the flexibility to explore. The freedom one gets of not being confined by wall is a different kind of a high that many of the campers feel. It gives them the freedom to be away during the winter months to a place of interest only to return to their base back say in the spring or vice verse.

It also allows one to be where the opportunity takes them thereby living life to the fullest. Many times people opt out of the homes and switch to RVs. Especially those in their twilight years. A phase when they have time a hand and choice to do things that they couldn’t during their working days!

With various models as well as customized versions available in the RV market, it sure makes sense for somebody with a zeal for life to go ahead and explore life and be rejuvenated in these trying times!

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