New Bentley SUV 4×4 Planned for 2014

The historical prestigious car manufacturer, the Bentley Motor Car company has always been at the pinnacle of British automotive engineering and up there with Rolls Royce when it comes to prestigious luxury car manufacturing and design. Even Queen Elizabeth II has two of the “Bentley Arnage R” models as her ‘State Limousine’.

Even Bentleys’ roots stem from its early years in technically advanced engineering and development practices, coupled with the company’s phenomenal start in the motoring racing world with its run of successful victories at the famous 24 hour Le Mans race in France, with a staggering five time race victories during a “10 year” time span.

Bentley have always tried to push the envelope where automotive excellence is concerned and aims to give the best luxury driving experience possible, so its no surprise to learn that Bentley have now announced the development for a new vehicle in their new luxury line-up. The announcement came from the new Bentley motors boss “Wolfgang Durheimer” and confirmed months of speculation that Bentley will be producing a 4×4 SUV model, which should be launched sometime in 2014.

The luxury car marque which is owned by The Volkswagen Group, will be using some its parent company’s technology and also using the chassis from the new forthcoming Audi Q7 4×4 SUV. This step into the SUV market is an aim at the upper luxury end of the spectrum and to fill the gap in the current range.

Many of the other luxury car marques are currently producing SUVs in this prestigious motoring sector, although none that should be able to rival Bentley’s planned esteemed four-wheeled drive offering. This is also a good move financially as like many of the other luxury car manufactures Bentley Motors are enjoying growing car sales in all of the new and emerging automotive markets, like China, India, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates to name a few. This new addition to the Bentley stable is sure to be welcomed in the USA which is another big market for Bentley motor cars, where in recent years certain car brands have struggled, but Bentley seems to be bucking the trend.

The new Bentley SUV will be likely to feature a newly developed Audi V12 TDi engine with immense power that will suit the Bentley SUV and the loyal Bentley car buyers across the globe. As this diesel will undoubtedly return a better average mile to the gallon economy, but also mean is slightly greener option as a power unit for the planned 4×4.

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