Tips For Picking The Right Insurance for Your Four Wheel Drive

At the end of the day, insuring your 4×4 is one of the most important things that you do. However, there are thousands of people driving around every day with insurance that is actually void, because of modifications done that are illegal on their 4wd. Do you know exactly what is legal in your state? Does your vehicle adhere to those rules? If not, your insurance company can get out of a claim. It could be as simple as having a Bull Bar that isn’t air bag compatible, or because your vehicle was lifted too high without an engineer’s certificate.

What is the point of forking out hundreds of dollars for insurance if it might not cover you? You need to ensure that your vehicle is legal and covered properly to avoid such a problem. Modifications that are done illegally can also get you in serious legal trouble if there are any injuries. ARB 4×4 have plenty of gear to put on your truck, as does every other 4wd accessory dealer. However, just because they sell it doesn’t mean it is legal to put on your vehicle! There are plenty of things to watch out for when getting 4wd insurance too. What does the company insure your vehicle for? Is it for off-road and on road use? There are plenty of policies that will not cover a vehicle for off road tracks. Some will cover them only if they are on a map, and some will not cover beach driving at all. Imagine the shock if you were to lose your vehicle to the tide, only to find out that your policy doesn’t cover beach driving!

These things are simple enough, and yet they catch more than a handful of people out each year. Another thing to bear in mind is the difference between agreed value and market value. An agreed value is generally much higher (as it is insured for what you want it to be) and it doesn’t drop in value. However, if you get your vehicle insured for market value, every year the amount that it is insured for drops. If you buy a new car and write it off 5 years later you could be in for a nasty surprise when you find out you are covered for 10 thousand dollars less than when you originally took out insurance! At the end of the day, the entire purpose for taking our 4×4 insurance is so that you are covered completely when something nasty does happen.

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