A Close Up Look At Two Full Sized Trucks

Full sized trucks are some of the most versatile vehicles around. They can be used for long road trips and travel but also have the ability to tow heavy loads. Some can even be customized into mobile offices. Let’s take a look at two formidable players in the truck segment.

One truck that is a top seller in the truck market is the Toyota Tundra. The standard engine is a V6 4.0 Liter and puts out 270 hp and 278 lb feet of torque. Towing capacity stands at 10,400 pounds. Standard features include an audio system and a tilt steering wheel. For an additional cost, consumers can add in extras such as a DVD player and a telescoping steering wheel. The center console is substantial enough to hold large personal items. The Tundra is priced to sell at around twenty five thousand dollars.

The number one selling in truck in the U.S is the Ford F-150. One of the main selling points of this truck is that features such as cab size, seating configuration and trim levels can be all adjusted. You can get a bare bones model for just around $22k or load it up with all the extras and bells and whistles; pricing can go all the way up the $50k range.

An efficiency system is in place that lets you know how efficient you are driving which makes it easy to conserve gasoline. Ford’s Work Solution is available as an option at an additional cost. It allows the driver to turn their truck into a work station with internet connectivity doubling the F-150 into a mobile office on the go.

Ford’s Sync and Myford Touch can be added as an option. This allows the driver to make phone calls and control audio entertainment functions via voice command. The interior is spacious and comes with a large center console which is very convenient for storing personal items. Safety features include air bags, anti lock brakes and Ford’s MyKey system which lets parents limit the speed when their kids are driving.

It’s easy to see why trucks are so much in demand; they are rugged, tough and workhorses. Some owners may choose to modify their pick-up trucks by raising them up higher, installing bigger tired and bigger rims for a more imposing look. It looks like people are continuing to drive and buy them despite rising gas costs.

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