The Types of Water-Bearing Trucks

If you’ve ever noticed the fire engines roaring through town on their way to a fire, you’ve probably seen a variety of different vehicles used to transport water.

The various trucks all have different features that are designed for specific tasks. They have special options and tools that help the user complete his task.

Firefighters in cities are most often called to fight fires in buildings or vehicles, they use fire trucks or engines to do so. Fire engines or trucks are great for this purpose because they have enough cabin space to accommodate a team of firefighters and store their necessary equipment. Some trucks include ladders that can be raised mechanically to access upper floors in buildings. These ladder trucks are very expensive, so fire departments often rely on fundraising to pay for them. Often it’s possible to buy used fire trucks to save money.

Another truck used to put out fires is a fire tanker. They are typically used for larger outdoor fires. They don’t look much like fire engines you think of when you picture a fire department. Tankers are not always equipped to dispense water to fight fires. It may be relied on more to transport large amounts of water to a fire.

You’ll find that tankers are often connected to a fire engine. The fire tankers are actually diesel trucks that haul a large metallic tank. There’s not much room for storage or manpower. They usually just allow for a driver and one passenger.

Another truck to transport water is a water truck. They are much like tankers in appearance but are used differently. Often water trucks are used at mines or quarries when the activity there stirs up an excessive amount of dust.

Dust can be hazardous be cause it can limit the visibility of the mine workers or drivers nearby. Water trucks are equipped with nozzles that are similar to sprinklers. They are used to dispense water over a large area. The water helps the dust to sink back to the ground.

There are many types of water-bearing trucks on the market and they all serve a valuable purpose.

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