Types of Police and Security Vehicles

Police and Security vehicles are specially designed vehicles used for specific purposes like shifting prisoners and criminals, hostage negotiation, underwater search recovery, special response team, surveillance teams, home and land security units etc. These vehicles need to be quite sturdy and strong and designed in accordance with the specific requirements of the security department.

Types of Police and Security Vehicles

Various types of vehicles are used by the police department and other security agencies.

The most commonly used vehicles by the police department are the big transport vans or buses used to shift prisoners from one prison to another or to present them in the court. These vehicles have adequate seating capacity, isolation cells and guard offices to allow smooth shifting or transport of the prisoners.

A SWAT Van or truck is used to transport heavily armed Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) or Special Reaction Team (SRT) team members. These vehicles can be unarmored or armored depending on the area or situations where they are going to be used. SWAT vehicles may also be used to transport specialized equipment like tactical instruments and breaching tools. These vehicles can be small highly maneuverable vehicles developed on 16-foot commercial chassis or larger sophisticated cab chassis for seating up to 20 officers. These vehicles are designed to have special space for weapons storage, personnel seating of all officers, environmental control features, communications systems and surveillance equipment.

Command Centers are specially built vehicles with adequate space for placement of several work stations, communications systems and equipments. Security concerns are important while designing such vehicles. Since these vehicles are often used at major accident or incident sites, it becomes difficult to keep track of who is entering the vehicle and what systems are they using. To avoid any kind of misuse or leakage of sensitive information, command center vehicles do not have any windows. Also the doors are engineered to lock automatically and open only when a pass code is entered. In addition security cameras are installed on all sides of these vehicles. The most popular models of police command centers include squad areas, conference rooms and even communication centers.

Vehicle manufacturers have to take special care in designing and customizing vehicles to provide dependable, durable service platforms for various applications. The mobile command centers, evidence collection vehicles, prisoner transport vehicles and SWAT vehicles are built on truck and bus chassis with the exact size depending on the individual requirements. Other essential features of these vehicles are ample storage and workspace for crime scene management and evidence collection, communication workstations and mobile conference rooms and adequate space for allowing SWAT personnel to move around and keep their weapons and equipment.

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